18 01 2007

Ooh.. I am officially addicted to this game called Backgammon these days. I sort of like the personalized Google thing too, even though its kind of scary when I think of what would happen if there was an AOL-like leak on so precious personalized Google data. But anyway, I have all sorts of cool widgets on it now, including Backgammon ofcourse.

Its an excellent ego massage when I win against the damned computer program, especially when its a dull day otherwise. Anyway, I suspect that the dice outcomes for the computer’s player are rigged. Yea yea, throw the whole victim mentality thing I just blogged about at me. But you should know that I don’t always practice what I preach. 🙂

Have a good day~


On a sleepy Sunday night

16 10 2006

On a sleepy Sunday night, I say,

  • Samjho ho hi gaya‘ is ekdum mast, paisa vasool, super fultoo jhakkas song. Sanjay Dutt bhi bardasht ho gaya.
  • Doesn’t anybody else feel that the ICICI ad background score and Lage Raho Munnabhai music sound very very similar?
  • That a ride on the toy train at Cubbon park can be exciting, even for adults. Felt like a tourist in my own city. 🙂
  • That there are about 7 parks in 1.5 km radius of my home. Good place to keep parents busy for a week when they visit me.
  • The biggest festival for me, is just around the corner and I can’t seem to contain my excitement. I am so totally loving the general buzz in the markets.
  • I want to buy Diwali gifts. For who? I dont know.
  • Just to feel like home, I am on a cleaning and shopping spree. The week before Diwali has to be a very busy time.
  • I need to loose some weight and quick. I blame those bloody changing rooms at these malls. With full length mirrors and all on all four sides.. flab flab everywhere.. aaarrghhhh.
  • And finally, does anybody know where to buy Mathia and Cholafali in Bangalore? Seriously, No mathia, no diwali.

Can’t believe the drab Monday is knocking already! Over and out.

Another brick in the wall

18 09 2006

Orkut is a great way to meet your old friends, isnt it? Ya well, sometimes there are those people on the periphery who are neither your friends nor your non-friends, who add you as a friend. And then you are kindof confused, coz they arent really your friends as such, but then you dont have anything against them either to decline their friend request and officially declare war by being rude. Okay, so if you exclude those situations, its kind of nice to catch up with old friends, no?

Get to know old friends from school and initial years of college, people whose last names have blurred in your memory now. Ofcourse if you see their full name somewhere, you would be able to verify it. In primary school we had this habit of calling people by their full names and my memory ain’t all that bad afterall. It feels good that everybody is doing good in life. Some have married, a few even have kids and the rest are happily single. A lot of them are still nice and thin and pretty. And if not in America, the rest are definitely going great guns in Australia and New Zealand.

How wonderful and proud I feel for my buddies who vaguely existed in my archived memory files but have suddenly decided to resurrect, all of them at once. Most of the time. Just that I thought I had taken the road less travelled. Only to realize that I am just one in a million.

Hmm..As long as I skip the “All in all you’re just another brick in the wall” track on my mp3 player, I will do just fine. 🙂

They look similar no?

15 09 2006

Mandakini rani mukherjee

Mandakini and Rani Mukherjee look similar no? If you stretch your imagination a bit and make Mandakini wear good make up and make her look chic and also make her exercise enough,me thinks she also looks like Yana Gupta. 🙂

Have a good weekend!

Yeh Green rang kab mujhe chodega

14 09 2006

Clearly if one is walking past Fabindia, one has to at least pay a quick 15 minute visit to the little heaven and take in a few breaths of fresh fabric smell at least, if not buy half the stuff in their shop. Even if one has decided a month ago not to get seduced by their stuff so often. So, while S was being nice and was pretending to look at their decor and browse organic food products section, I quickly browsed through the stacks of kurtas and short kurtas and shirts and picked two absolutely lovely pieces within 10 minutes.

I was feeling quite a sense of achievement at the really cute tops I had selected real quick and then out of nowhere I realized that both of them were shades of green. Clearly one of the two had to go. The thin light green khadi kurta was too good to be eliminated and the dark green kurti always looks good and had to stay. Meanwhile, that nagging reminder of using my brains when in Fabindia premises resurfaced and I started mentally taking a look at my wardrobe. Whoa! I own some 6 odd green stoles, dupattas and 3 green tops already! There was no question now of adding any more green to my wardrobe now and most importantly till that moment, I thought my favourite colour was Orange and Blue came close next. What was worse is that I do not own a single decent piece of Orange outfit anymore! Now if I think about it, before the whole Green revolution thing, a Purple revolution also happened somewhere in between.

Anyway, this is what Dolly Ahluwalia who designed the costumes for Omkara had to say about why she used greens for Langda Tyagi’s costumes.

“I thought of him as a lizard, and Vishal agreed with me. In fact, he’s like an eel, like a cunning and slippery character. He’s envious, and that’s why he wears a lot of greens. “

Ha! I hate all these psychological interpretations of colours and dreams and sunsigns and the likes, specially when then work against me. :). Even though I dont believe in this interpretation crap, I genuinely hope that this whole colour affinity change has nothing to do with the fact that the older I grow the less easier it has become for me to feel truly happy at other people’s achievements and happiness.

Its Monday

11 09 2006

Fresh haircuts
Trimmed moustaches
Threaded eyebrows
Clean upper lips

Look around in office and you know its Monday.

Pink or red?

10 08 2006


Quick question: One line in the graph above is blue. What colour is the other line?

If you said red, you are a man.
And if you said fuschia pink, firstly congratulations – you are not colour blind and secondly, you are a woman! 😛