Bad students?

17 05 2007

Generation after generation, human beings have passed on their learnings as knowledge to the younger generations. When we are born, we all inherit this world, created by our ancestors. The tools and technologies our antecedents created and then some of us even manage to build on it and develop something useful.

And then generation after generation, people die and the related people cry. A tiny part of the world pauses for a second and then everybody moves on.  We are completely aware about the fragility of life, even after the so-called medical advancement and all that. We theoretically know that every single one of us is bound to perish, now or later. And this has been happening again and again and again, since ever. Then, why haven’t we as a species that is capable of learning, learnt this simple fact of life? Why do we continue to live in misery, caused by death?

Maybe death is too tough a lesson to learn, but what about smaller things like worrying about things that are no way in our control. Like the self-inflicted suffering by imagining all possible things that can go wrong, when a friend arrives an hour later than usual. Yes, we can make phone-calls, etc and we *must* do what we can. But the anxiety can be completely done away with, no?

Maybe it is being said loud and clear, but we just haven’t paid any heed.