1 06 2007

It crushes my ego. Every time. Every single time, I read “Ladies” written over a few windows in the city buses. Right next to “Handicapped” and  “Senior citizens”.

For a long time I strongly believed that one is a victim only if one chooses to be. That everybody always has a choice. And over years, I have realized that for some of us, one of the choices is just really difficult to make. That it is much much easier said than done. But I still can not swallow the blanket categorization of half the population as the “weaker” sex.

I am trained in karate (for full 15 days) and can change the furniture arrangement all by myself, you know.




One response

2 07 2008

For a moment, I imagined someone rearranging furniture by practicing the chinese karate movies – where they do stuff like breaking rocks, wood, and in effect breaking all stuff. But, congratulations on the strength 🙂

Seriously, the only seat reservation in buses should be for kids, and senior citizens. The sad thing is, one hardly sees young people give up their seats for seniors, or people who look like they would be better off sitting than standing. Or maybe, I’ve been seeing the wrong sort of people in Mumbai local trains.


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