1 06 2007

I don’t buy Sunfeast, avoid travelling by KingFisher and eating Bingo (I love some of the silly ads though, the “waango pongo illa” one especially). The reason being their ITC, UB group – tobacco, alcohol connection. It does not have much logic, but it makes me feel “socially responsible”.

I prefer going to the old fashioned single screen movie hall Rex, against Inox or PVR. Rex is clean and the tickets cost half or less and there’s no waiting in serpentine queues for tickets. Above all, the one place where the multiplexes lose hands down is the popcorn. 80 bucks for a medium popcorn! Afterall, one can’t go to a movie and not have popcorn, can one? Sometimes the cheese popcorn is what one is counting on while going for movies like Spiderman 3 or Hum Tum.

The number of people who don’t know the concept of “jhootha” khana (no equivalent word/concept in English??), blows my mind. People with unusually high standards of cleanliness and fuss otherwise, people who iron their socks and other smaller clothes, people who deprive themselves of panipuri just because the setting is road side, people who always wash their plates before eating at the cafeteria and then waste 5 tissues wiping them even when the plates are already spotless and shinining. Yes the very same people don’t care much when it comes to tasting random people’s saliva. At team lunches begins the double dipping of food in the common dip, offering you to taste their drink (probably flavoured with bits of food they’ve been eating or worse the ice-cream that they’ve been licking like there’s no tomorrow) and expecting you to offer yours in return, serving food into plates with the spoon touching their plate (plate with half-eaten food that’s starting to look mucky) with a tak-tak sound…




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