Was that a dream?

9 04 2007

Life feels a little surreal sometimes. For instance, I met Udit Narayn some ten years ago at the Bangalore airport when I was about to board my first flight. That flight by the way, has been the most turbulent flights so far. After a 3 hour flight that felt like a lifetime, the torture seemed to be coming to an end as the familiar glowing signboards of the city started to appear below. I was partly relieved as we landed on the airport. Or so I thought. The wheels must’ve been millimeters away from the ground when the flight took off again and thus began a never ending sequence of turbulent circling around the city. I really thought my time had come. I tried to entertain myself by taking guesses at whether it would be a plane crash or a heart attack. I did land in one piece but now whenever I am on board, my philosophical and spiritual tendencies shoot up sharply. As the flight takes off, a constant stream of “taking account of years gone by” and “the vanity of it all” thoughts run in my mind. Thankfully, this is restricted to the flight time only. As soon as I land, these thoughts disappear or get put on hold for the next flight.

Getting back to Udit Narayan after this huge digression, that day on the last bus that carries pax from the terminal to the aircraft, as I ran all the way to the bus, the *only* other passenger in the bus was the singer. Dressed in a heavily coloured printed shirt. Pretty unbelievable, eh? I had never gotten anywhere close to any celebrity before and though I was all excited at this turn of events, I didn’t know how to respond. I sat opposite him quietly for half a minute. I wasn’t really a fan, but I did like his music. So, like a good fan I went to him and asked for an autograph and like a good celeb, he obliged. I told him that I really liked some of his songs or something. He asked “Which one?”. After 10 seconds, I couldn’t come up with any song sung by him, given the fact that practically every other movie song is sung by him in the last 15 years or so, barring the recent few years. God knows from where I muttered “Satrangi Re” from Dil Se. I like that song, but again it hasn’t been my favourite. And then, we talked about some other arbit stuff that I don’t remember now.

Anyway, the point is now, ten years later, I sometimes find the whole thing a little unbelievable. Sometimes, I doubt if it was for real. A dream, perhaps? It can’t be! That’s the only celeb encounter I’ve ever had.  It was not at all a “dream come true” moment for me, but I still refuse to part with it.




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