Kaun banega sponsorpati

8 03 2007

Yes, I watch KBC. Wait, before you attribute that to SRK, I watch KBC in spite of him. Notwithstanding SRK’s treatment of the contestants as bacchas asking them if their answer is “kaccha-kaccha ya pukka-pukka” (it’s like asking a kid if he wants to do su-su!), the format itself is very interesting and entertaining. I love watching the variety of people, the well thought out questions and the way people go about answering them. And what’s with SRK giving away watches to people who don’t win anything? Is this some Ram roti kendra for the “poor contestant” (tch tch)? But this is not an SRK-bashing post. This  post is about an interesting observation about the intial few questions at KBC.

I have noticed that a lot of times, one of the initial five questions posed at KBC, are related to the sponsors. Sample this – “In a Cadbury’s ad, which title does Radha win?” the answer to which is Miss Palampur. And then there are questions, related to Hyundai, about characters of “Naya Office Office” which is currently aired on Star One and ofcourse there are questions from KJo’s films.

So there does seem to be a slight SRK/Star influence, at least in the intial questions. For the contestants, there is a small incentive if they watch what Star and their sponsors are doing. Ofcourse, this only seems to be restricted to the chote-mote sawal and doesn’t figure in the later questions.




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