Spot the difference

14 02 2007

karanjohar.JPG  tussharkapoor.jpg

And if you do spot a difference, do let me know 😉


Mornings are not for me

13 02 2007

Mad mornings
Burnt toasts
Nothing elaborate, okay?
Only makeshift cooking
The tiny rose bud in the balcony smiles gently
A second or two lost in love
And the milk spills
Watery lifeless chai – ginger khatam
10 baj gaye
The maid’s nowhere in sight
Laundry’s piling
5 minutes to go
Pick one, quick
Kohl lined eyes or bio break
Tick, tick and pant
Got to keep up

Life on hold
for weekends


8 02 2007

Well, I know life is full of contradictions and all that blah. But I wasn’t prepared to face an actual person named Krishna Joseph! 😀

Feel good

4 02 2007
  • A refreshing new song in your playlist
  • That perfect cup of ubli hui adrak chai, the husband makes
  • A hot shower
  • A well-fitting old trouser that feels a little loose now
  • Just for laugh – gags

Its funny how little it takes to feel good. It IS that simple, isn’t it? When it isn’t elusive, that is.