18 01 2007

Ooh.. I am officially addicted to this game called Backgammon these days. I sort of like the personalized Google thing too, even though its kind of scary when I think of what would happen if there was an AOL-like leak on so precious personalized Google data. But anyway, I have all sorts of cool widgets on it now, including Backgammon ofcourse.

Its an excellent ego massage when I win against the damned computer program, especially when its a dull day otherwise. Anyway, I suspect that the dice outcomes for the computer’s player are rigged. Yea yea, throw the whole victim mentality thing I just blogged about at me. But you should know that I don’t always practice what I preach. 🙂

Have a good day~




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30 01 2007

I’m happy to hear that you’re hooked on backgammon, but sad that your pleasure is being tempered by suspicions about the dice. My strong recommendation is that you download gnuBG from and use it to study concepts like probability, equity, etc. It’s a fantastic teaching aid, and costs nothing! And when you’re playing against the program, you can set it to download dice rolls from an external server or choose manual dice.

Think you’re unlucky? Read about the nail-biting finish in the PartyGammon Million which just concluded (links on our BG Club website).

Poker has nothing on backgammon, and I’m confident that it’s poised to enjoy another huge resurgence the way that poker recently has.

15 02 2007

~fowgre: The GNU link is very useful. I am quite aware of the math behind the game. In fact that makes it even more interesting. Thanks for dropping by.

7 03 2007

You’re not paranoid about the backgammon being rigged. In fact, it’s gotten much worse recently to the point where no matter where I leave a piece open, the computer rolls the exact combination necessary to nail me. The code is written by LabPixies in JAVA and is highly obfuscated – they’ve changed all the variable names and function calls to random letter combinations so one would have a hard time reading the code. I’ve spent some time translating their old version to another programming language and the code does indeed try to calculate the “best” roll it can get for itself within a certain probability tolerance. Now they’ve gone and updated their code again and the computer got like 500% luckier when throwing dice while the player got significantly unluckier. This is a huge paint in the butt because I love playing the game but it makes me crazy when I can’t play more than 3 turns before I have multiple pieces knocked off!

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