Be opinionated

29 01 2007

I don’t need to have an opinion.
I don’t need to voice it.
I don’t need to fight for it.

Not always, No.

The more I classify,
the more difficult it becomes
to reclassify.



18 01 2007

Ooh.. I am officially addicted to this game called Backgammon these days. I sort of like the personalized Google thing too, even though its kind of scary when I think of what would happen if there was an AOL-like leak on so precious personalized Google data. But anyway, I have all sorts of cool widgets on it now, including Backgammon ofcourse.

Its an excellent ego massage when I win against the damned computer program, especially when its a dull day otherwise. Anyway, I suspect that the dice outcomes for the computer’s player are rigged. Yea yea, throw the whole victim mentality thing I just blogged about at me. But you should know that I don’t always practice what I preach. 🙂

Have a good day~

Self pity?

18 01 2007

Practically everybody goes through some kind of discrimination or the other. You can be discriminated by your religion/caste/race/sex/taste. And if these parameters fall short I’m sure there are a million other godforsaken parameters for everyone to get discriminated against.

Does that make each one of us a victim? Excluding the few genuine and serious cases, can’t we stand a little joke on us anymore? Or does the world now just consist of only inherently wimpish residents who are incapable of taking any ownership?
Note: This is a general rant and has nothing to do with the recent Big Brother issue whatsoever.

Background music

18 01 2007

Sometimes, I wish background music played in real life too. I would then probably comprehend what’s going on.