Phone number privacy

14 12 2006

Ever wondered how those marketing buggers get your cell phone number within days of your getting a new connection. When you haven’t even informed all your close contacts about it? So I decided to get back to those irritating callers selling credit cards and holidays and what not, who assume that the moment you pick up their call it is their right to take you through their stupid sales pitch. Anyway, so I received one such marketing call today and as usual I asked the lady to tell me where she got my phone number from. And I got to hear the “from database” answer, like always. When I asked about the source of the database, she said Airtel – my mobile service provider! This just proved my suspicion, not just Airtel but about mobile service providers in general. I know of friends who have connections from other service providers who have the same problem.

Anyway, the question is I am not sure if I have the right to safeguard my personal number from marketers. I don’t remember reading the entire form that I signed while getting a phone connection and I might have signed something to the effect that the service provider is allowed to sell my data. Does anybody have any information about this? I want to know if I have the right to claim my privacy, as it is just pointless to register another stupid complaint at their call-centre.