AB Junior gets Yash Bharati

21 11 2006

The Uttar Pradesh government has chosen apna AB Jr for the “Yash Bharati” award this time. Responding to allegations that he has given the Bachchan Jr undue advantage due to his closeness to the Bachchans, Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav had this to say:

I know a section of the media is busy kicking up a controversy over Abhishek’s inclusion in the list of awardees.They say he is too young. But, I wish to remind such critics, that age has nothing to do with accomplishments. Abhishek is a deserving recipient.
He is a role model for the youth

(bold mine)

Not a long time ago, this is what Junior B had said at a family get together .. I mean .. at the “Koffee with Karan” show, about what he thinks of Mallika Sherawat. (Source will be added soon).

I think Mallika Sherawat epitomizes today’s woman.

Now isn’t that a beautiful thought? Gives the youth something deep to chew on.




One response

23 11 2006

AB junior is cute .. i wish they would not nominate him for such awards and then make him look bad.. he does what he is suppose to do and that is look cute in the movies.

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