Too many planes on NatGeo

20 11 2006

Even though I appreciate the quality of NatGeo investigation programmes, I’ve really had enough of plane hijacking and accident episodes. Tonight I watched the painful episode of the flight IC816 that was hijacked and eventually taken to Kandahar. Finally , all except one passenger (who was killed) were recovered safely. And in return, the Indian goverment let three very dangerous terrorists free. Ofcourse each one of the three released terrorists, have successfully justified their reclaimed freedom. After watching it, I’m very dismayed. Not angry. Just depressed about how the very technology, the laws of civilization that we have created with our gifted human brains, has done the highest damage to us humans. And I dont know why but NatGeo seems to have a huge bias in covering aircraft failures, emergencies and hijacks with 9/11 being an all time favourite. It is all very informative – yes, but I really don’t want to know about all of it in such detail. I am whining even when I had the remote. Sue me. But I did watch an hour of Pogo later, to cleanse myself.

Blue brocade pillow coversAnyway, I watched a lot of TV on Sunday sitting cosy and warm in a really old sweatshirt that is getting softer year after year. And I hand-stitched two blue brocade cushion covers for the first time. I had seen them at a mall, but they were really overpriced. On my last trip home, I had picked up this nice piece of brocade at a very reasonable price and I finally could make some use of it. Somehow the one I stitched while watching Pogo and Friends has turned out looking very well-finished. And the one I made while watching NatGeo has some cutting problems here, some finishing problems there, though all well-concealed unless you look at it closely.

Sweet Monday, here I come.




One response

20 11 2006

how about some pics of your nice handmade cushion covers ?

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