Growing chillies and staying on my own

12 11 2006

 chilly plant

That’s a picture of baby chilly plants growing right outside the window in my own balcony! I just casually planted some chilly seeds in the lemongrass pot, ten days ago, and I had almost no hope that it will actually grow. Of late, we have been growing some nice flowers, from saplings. I can’t wait to cook with home-grown stuff! Even if its just a stupid chilly. Its amazing, the way the boring balcony has transformed into a happy and pretty looking flowery balcony, that I am oh so proud of. The marigold – one of my favourite flowers, has even managed to attract orange butterflies with maroon dots. The gende ka phool had always been there in all the garlands during festivals at home, but it was never appealing. I dont know since when, probably after watching Monsoon Wedding, I just love the bright, desi to the core, non-fussy, always happy flower. It doesn’t have much of a smell, but that uniquely light and slightly pungent smell, feels so good and familiar to me.

  Marigold Marigold plant Rose

I am majorly encouraged by the success of chilly planting experiment, and plans of growing coriander, methi and tomato are underway. 🙂 And some task it is, maintaining them. My mornings start with watering the plants these days. With my history of being absent-minded, I have made it a point to water the plants before i eat anything. The best part is, the plants reward me quite often with pleasant surprises like a new rose bud or some fresh leaves on an almost dormant curry leaf plant.

Apart from that, S is away for a couple of weeks and I am not liking this staying all by myself business much. x-( Considering I have been on my own for a long time and recently I even vouched for staying alone against staying with an unfamiliar roommate. So much for standing by my word.

By the way, the other day, I saw a crow feeding on a dead rat, right in the middle of the street I take on my way to work. And I didnt gross out. I didnt take my eyes off it. Kept watching it indifferently, till I walked past. And there is no moral of this story. Just that I surprise myself sometimes.




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