On a sleepy Sunday night

16 10 2006

On a sleepy Sunday night, I say,

  • Samjho ho hi gaya‘ is ekdum mast, paisa vasool, super fultoo jhakkas song. Sanjay Dutt bhi bardasht ho gaya.
  • Doesn’t anybody else feel that the ICICI ad background score and Lage Raho Munnabhai music sound very very similar?
  • That a ride on the toy train at Cubbon park can be exciting, even for adults. Felt like a tourist in my own city. šŸ™‚
  • That there are about 7 parks in 1.5 km radius of my home. Good place to keep parents busy for a week when they visit me.
  • The biggest festival for me, is just around the corner and I can’t seem to contain my excitement. I am so totally loving the general buzz in the markets.
  • I want to buy Diwali gifts. For who? I dont know.
  • Just to feel like home, I am on a cleaning and shopping spree. The week before Diwali has to be a very busy time.
  • I need to loose some weight and quick. I blame those bloody changing rooms at these malls. With full length mirrors and all on all four sides.. flab flab everywhere.. aaarrghhhh.
  • And finally, does anybody know where to buy Mathia and Cholafali in Bangalore? Seriously, No mathia, no diwali.

Can’t believe the drab Monday is knocking already! Over and out.




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