On Bestu Varas

23 10 2006

Hope you all had a nice and colourful and cheerful Diwali with your loved ones. I wish you all a healthy, wealthy and fun-filled new year!

I’m just back from a laid back trip to a waterfall place. The highlight of the trip being, three blissful hours of doing nothing, sitting under a playful and refreshing little waterfall and being happy. No spa, no massage, nothing else can compare with the way a dip in a rocky stream soothes.

 Stretching exercises Waterfalls Waterfalls

Lush green forests, elephants, abundant waterfalls and nice people. If not for Diwali, I couldn’t have asked for more. As much fun as that was, I had my moments when I missed the Diwali festivities. As a consolation to me, some four houses had lit diyas at night in the 120 km stretch. When we landed back in Bangalore today morning, I was quite happy to see both the sides of the roads filled with left overs from fire-crackers. Considering I am not even much of a cracker person myself. Phooljhadis and chakkars is as far as I can go. I was happy to see a a lot of parapet walls still holding lines of diyas sleeping tight after a tough night of illuminating. And, today is bestu varas, the beginning of new year. I’m squeezing all the five-day festivities into today. A saree has been donned, smiles are being given freely, saal mubarak wishes are being smsed, sweets are being gobbled, diyas and phooljhadis shall be lit. 🙂

Totally unrelated, last month I was on a reading spree. I read a lot of books, of varying languages and quality. There is this one book I want to write about. Since I am too lazy to make it into a separate post, I’m squeezing it in this Diwali post. The book is Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry. I am a total fan of Rohinton Mistry, but I think I loved this book the most, probably. There are a whole lot of interesting and well developed characters in the book. There is this person called Yezad in this book. When he is introduced, Yezad is in his late thirties or early fourties. He is a Parsi and has been portrayed to be a non-believer. He doesn’t believe in the typical religious stuff like going to the fire-temple regularly, etc. He laughs at people who do so. And then slowly his life changes and he finds himself gripped in troubles. And somehow to find solace, he catches hold of “religion”. To some extent in spite of his troubles, he does find some peace. Years pass, and his worldly troubles are relieved. But by this time, he has become dependent on his religious activities for support, even when his life has looked up. He somewhere succumbs and gets addicted to the same frivolous activities, that he once loathed. For example, he is extremely upset that his son, has a non-Parsi girlfriend.

I think the journey of Yezad has been beautifully captured by Rohinton Mistry. I can now personally understand the older generation’s obsession with the so called “religious activities”, better. It would’ve probably started as a very personal and enlightening experience. And then the essence of spiritualism would’ve got lost somewhere and mostly all that we see now is a big list of dos and don’ts. That’s all.

Never mind if none of that made sense, just go read that book. And that’s a lot of chatter for bestu varas. Have a good year ahead, everyone. Dont worry, be happy.


On a sleepy Sunday night

16 10 2006

On a sleepy Sunday night, I say,

  • Samjho ho hi gaya‘ is ekdum mast, paisa vasool, super fultoo jhakkas song. Sanjay Dutt bhi bardasht ho gaya.
  • Doesn’t anybody else feel that the ICICI ad background score and Lage Raho Munnabhai music sound very very similar?
  • That a ride on the toy train at Cubbon park can be exciting, even for adults. Felt like a tourist in my own city. 🙂
  • That there are about 7 parks in 1.5 km radius of my home. Good place to keep parents busy for a week when they visit me.
  • The biggest festival for me, is just around the corner and I can’t seem to contain my excitement. I am so totally loving the general buzz in the markets.
  • I want to buy Diwali gifts. For who? I dont know.
  • Just to feel like home, I am on a cleaning and shopping spree. The week before Diwali has to be a very busy time.
  • I need to loose some weight and quick. I blame those bloody changing rooms at these malls. With full length mirrors and all on all four sides.. flab flab everywhere.. aaarrghhhh.
  • And finally, does anybody know where to buy Mathia and Cholafali in Bangalore? Seriously, No mathia, no diwali.

Can’t believe the drab Monday is knocking already! Over and out.