Another brick in the wall

18 09 2006

Orkut is a great way to meet your old friends, isnt it? Ya well, sometimes there are those people on the periphery who are neither your friends nor your non-friends, who add you as a friend. And then you are kindof confused, coz they arent really your friends as such, but then you dont have anything against them either to decline their friend request and officially declare war by being rude. Okay, so if you exclude those situations, its kind of nice to catch up with old friends, no?

Get to know old friends from school and initial years of college, people whose last names have blurred in your memory now. Ofcourse if you see their full name somewhere, you would be able to verify it. In primary school we had this habit of calling people by their full names and my memory ain’t all that bad afterall. It feels good that everybody is doing good in life. Some have married, a few even have kids and the rest are happily single. A lot of them are still nice and thin and pretty. And if not in America, the rest are definitely going great guns in Australia and New Zealand.

How wonderful and proud I feel for my buddies who vaguely existed in my archived memory files but have suddenly decided to resurrect, all of them at once. Most of the time. Just that I thought I had taken the road less travelled. Only to realize that I am just one in a million.

Hmm..As long as I skip the “All in all you’re just another brick in the wall” track on my mp3 player, I will do just fine. 🙂




One response

30 08 2007

as u said,,orkut is kool medium 2 b in touch wid ur old frnz,,,, den d biggest condition applied is 2 first get depart 4rm old frnz,,,isn’t it,…so dat u can find dem by orkutting,,,,,uhhh,,,

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