Yeh Green rang kab mujhe chodega

14 09 2006

Clearly if one is walking past Fabindia, one has to at least pay a quick 15 minute visit to the little heaven and take in a few breaths of fresh fabric smell at least, if not buy half the stuff in their shop. Even if one has decided a month ago not to get seduced by their stuff so often. So, while S was being nice and was pretending to look at their decor and browse organic food products section, I quickly browsed through the stacks of kurtas and short kurtas and shirts and picked two absolutely lovely pieces within 10 minutes.

I was feeling quite a sense of achievement at the really cute tops I had selected real quick and then out of nowhere I realized that both of them were shades of green. Clearly one of the two had to go. The thin light green khadi kurta was too good to be eliminated and the dark green kurti always looks good and had to stay. Meanwhile, that nagging reminder of using my brains when in Fabindia premises resurfaced and I started mentally taking a look at my wardrobe. Whoa! I own some 6 odd green stoles, dupattas and 3 green tops already! There was no question now of adding any more green to my wardrobe now and most importantly till that moment, I thought my favourite colour was Orange and Blue came close next. What was worse is that I do not own a single decent piece of Orange outfit anymore! Now if I think about it, before the whole Green revolution thing, a Purple revolution also happened somewhere in between.

Anyway, this is what Dolly Ahluwalia who designed the costumes for Omkara had to say about why she used greens for Langda Tyagi’s costumes.

“I thought of him as a lizard, and Vishal agreed with me. In fact, he’s like an eel, like a cunning and slippery character. He’s envious, and that’s why he wears a lot of greens. “

Ha! I hate all these psychological interpretations of colours and dreams and sunsigns and the likes, specially when then work against me. :). Even though I dont believe in this interpretation crap, I genuinely hope that this whole colour affinity change has nothing to do with the fact that the older I grow the less easier it has become for me to feel truly happy at other people’s achievements and happiness.




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