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14 09 2006

Have been meaning to write a crib post on Fabindia, since ages now. I have been reading quite a bit of Steve Palina’s blog posts recently and I am all determined to get up early, stay focussed at office and stop procrastinating :). God, never imagined I would be actually reading and following self help advice, whatever.

Ya so I am a total sucker for the bright and gorgeous natural cotton clothes from Fabindia. And I guess a lot of young urban women love Fabindia too. They are the perfect place to shop for Indian garments, be it semi-formal kurtas to wear to office, or A-line skirts, new-rage kurtis, pajamas or strappy tops. And then they also have the dupattas to die for and a small but neat collection of cotton and silk sarees. Personally, I love the smart clean cuts in the mostly well designed Fabindia clothes. Sure they are a little expensive, but everybody’s rich these days and not too many people mind shelling out some extra bucks if the clothes makes you look good.

All was fine in my love relationship with Fabindia till one month I just checked my bank account statement and realized that  I had been spending a heavy amount buying clothes from this store almost every month. Not much has changed since then, but I have been looking at alternatives to this for sure. I have shamelessly tried to steal the simple yet chic designs and tried to make the local tailor stitch the exact same thing for me at half the price. But obviously, the local tailors hardly do any justice and your half the price kurta which theoretically has the same design as Fabindia, is practically money gone down the drain. To compete with Fabindia there are other stores too, like Khadder and Anokhi and both of them have good stuff but none of them provide the variety that Fabindia does.

Here are a few things I dislike not just about Fabindia but even about Khadder and Anokhi clothes.

1)First and foremost, colour keeps running from all the dark coloured clothes. All these stores keep saying that its 100% natural fabric and natural dyes and all. But the fact is that it is very inconvenient especially for working women to wash each of their coloured clothes separately. Considering their prices are quite steep, is a basic colour fix asking for too much? Also I really wonder that now with these stores going global and all, will say a customer from the US accept a garment with running colours? I am not totally sure, but I have never seen any clothes from the US, lose their colour.

2)The clothes fade real fast and when I mean fast I mean like 10 washes. Three months at the most and that lovely kurta starts looking old and worn out. You have to keep replenishing your wardrobe frequently. Is this some sort of a smart-ass business strategy that these guys are trying to use?

3)Keeping the average age of the clothes in mind, I think they are quite over-priced. A Kurta (785) + A Bottom (320) + Dupatta (450). A full dress can cost you about 1500 bucks easily and not to forget that you’ll probably give it away after a couple of months. Buy a trouser and a top with about the same money and it stays much
longer. You might not look that pretty though. 🙂

Hmm.. I’m happy that I’ve let it all out. Actually not too many people seem to mind these things. Coz just look at the way Fabindia is growing, just blink and they have a new store, blink once more and they have a store right next to your house. Really, there’s one next to mine now! 🙂




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14 11 2006

I can not agree with the observation that FabIndia clothing gets worn out with only 10 subsequent washings! Mine got softer and softer and were color-fast as well. They actually became like silk that’s how high the quality of the cotton fibers was. Of Course, I am sharing my experience from 20 years ago. I do not know if their mercahndise has deteriorated with time?

6 08 2007
cynthia daly


I’d like to know how to order Anokhi clothing. Is there a catalogue?

Thank you

Cindy daly

20 12 2007

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

25 01 2008
colette green

am also trying to find a catalogue for ANOKHI, specificaly want to order a quilt

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