Hinglish connections

14 08 2006

Remember that TV show from good old days – Potli baba ki that was aired on Sunday mornings at Doordarshan? The title song is one of my favourite jingles. It goes like this..

Guchha hai bhai guccha hai kahaniyon ka guccha hai, Kahani le lo..

Khatti ho to namak laga ke, Galey mein atke paani le lo!

Now doesn’t this phrase Khatti ho to namak laga ke have a striking similarity with the English phrase – to take something with a pinch of salt. There are other such bizarre connections between two seemingly very different languages like Hindi and English. Like seven – saat and three and teen. I’m sure there are more. Do you know of any more?




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15 08 2006

Punjab For fighting, Bengal for writing, Kashmir for beauty, Rajasthan for history, Maharashtra for victory, Karnataka for silk, Haryana for milk, Kerela for brains, UP for grains, HP for appales,
Orissa for temples, MP for tribals, Bihar for minerals, States for unity India for Integrity

So Be Proud To Be INDIAN
Wishing You A Very Happy Independance Day.

5 09 2006
SEM Analyst

I think,
i should mention about one more serial,
Mitti Ke rang on Doordarshan.
And the title song of that is still my favourite song.


8 06 2007

Thinking in line of Hindi – English connection I feel Sanskrit – English are more connected:

English Punch (five fingers fist) as in Sanskrit Punch (5), Mata – Mother, Bhrata – Brother

I’ve read few more english words originating from Sanskrit:
Juggernaut from Jagannath (strange but its true), Bind from bandh.

8 06 2007

~Vishwam, never realized that! All three are very interesting maps. It can be a good research subject, hai na?

12 08 2007

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7 03 2008

im freaking out..
its like u r my brain’s clone
i hv been thinking bout this this thing in the back of my head for quite a while
and yes , here’s one:

Name – Naam


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