Whatever it takes – for world peace

14 08 2006

Sharad Pawar admits that he created an imaginary blast “to maintain peace”. We really do live in amazing times. What with everybody, from Sharad Pawars to beauty queens – all going great lengths for world peace. 


Hinglish connections

14 08 2006

Remember that TV show from good old days – Potli baba ki that was aired on Sunday mornings at Doordarshan? The title song is one of my favourite jingles. It goes like this..

Guchha hai bhai guccha hai kahaniyon ka guccha hai, Kahani le lo..

Khatti ho to namak laga ke, Galey mein atke paani le lo!

Now doesn’t this phrase Khatti ho to namak laga ke have a striking similarity with the English phrase – to take something with a pinch of salt. There are other such bizarre connections between two seemingly very different languages like Hindi and English. Like seven – saat and three and teen. I’m sure there are more. Do you know of any more?

Record and play smells

13 08 2006

It was in one of those Sunday day dreams that I wondered that now that we can record and play sounds and visuals through video, how come we dont have smell recorders yet? Curious and almost sure that such a thing doesn’t exist yet, I looked it up  and voila – the Japanese seem to have created one already! Quite cool haan, we should be able to do hell lot of more exciting stuff on the internet now.

There is this recurring slightly weird thought I have, about a situation. What if I woke up one day, realizing I am 50 years back in history. And that no one else except me knows of the recent inventions that we use so often, like the internet, the Ipod, mobile phones etc. So I imagine myself convincing those people in history about the world that I have seen. And then I wonder that if asked to, will I be able to reproduce any single invention??

Pink or red?

10 08 2006


Quick question: One line in the graph above is blue. What colour is the other line?

If you said red, you are a man.
And if you said fuschia pink, firstly congratulations – you are not colour blind and secondly, you are a woman! 😛