17 07 2006

Read this book called One night @ the call center by Chetan Bhagat. Reading it felt like eating junk food. Full of calories, hardly any nutrition and total timepass!

On a slightly off topic note, just when I had started to feel that a typical youth’s life in urban India is just an infinite loop of slogging to earn more and finding new ways to blow more. That having a life was beginning to mean breakfasts at cafe coffee day, hookah, holidays in air-conditioned “tents”.. and hanging around at god-forsaken malls. Thank you all you guys at mumbaihelp, for your outstanding efforts. Apart from the tremendous relief work, you guys have set an example for youth like me.




One response

30 08 2007

all in all it serves as a best example 4 gud time pass 4 u ,,i guess. nyways lemme tell u one thing,,, once u taste dis life,,,,i m bloody damn sure ,,u wl experience wonders u never imagined,,,,,hmmmm,,,,well not a bad effort 2 comment on awesome novel…..take a chill pill,,,

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