31 07 2006



Omkara defines what adaptation of a classic means. I went into the movie hall, fully aware that the movie is based on Shakespeare’s Othello and came out completely awestruck at how Vishal Bharadwaj has managed to make the story completely his own by his creativity. Be it the sets which look like a genuine UP village or Saif Ali Khan’s tinted teeth or Konkona Sen Sharma’s costumes, everything seemed to be fit in so effortlessly. So much that it didnt look like it was “designed”, it looked like thats the way it has been. All the actors, especially Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma and Kareena Kapoor shine all the way through. The best compliment that I have is that it really didnt feel as if they were acting. The dialect, the mannerisms were so perfect. The production team had taken care of minute details like people firing gunshots in the air even in celebrations of a baraat. I remember on my first day of visting Allahabad, I was positively shocked and a little terrorized by common sights of “bandook ki dukaan” and buses carrying painted instructions of “kripaya bhari bandook se savaari na karen”!

I couldnt follow a few dialogues due to usage of thick UP lingo. I am definitely watching Omkara again to listen more carefully. I was okay with the blood-shed in the battles shown in the movie, but the final scene where Omkara strangulates Dolly – that ghastly full minute scene was nauseating to watch.



17 07 2006

Read this book called One night @ the call center by Chetan Bhagat. Reading it felt like eating junk food. Full of calories, hardly any nutrition and total timepass!

On a slightly off topic note, just when I had started to feel that a typical youth’s life in urban India is just an infinite loop of slogging to earn more and finding new ways to blow more. That having a life was beginning to mean breakfasts at cafe coffee day, hookah, holidays in air-conditioned “tents”.. and hanging around at god-forsaken malls. Thank you all you guys at mumbaihelp, for your outstanding efforts. Apart from the tremendous relief work, you guys have set an example for youth like me.

Mumbai bomb blasts

11 07 2006

Not again.

Not again, you sick whackos.

My prayers for the deceased and their families. For information and help, please use this website.

An idyllic weekend at Coorg

10 07 2006

Got a chance to stay at the Orange County resort at Coorg this weekend. This sleepy 120 acre resort is probably one of the best places around, to enjoy a tranquil holiday amidst nature. The rooms are exorbitantly priced, but if you have the money it is totally worthwhile for the experience that the place ensures.

We stayed at Kodagu styled cottages, which looked like old Kerala houses to me. The cottages are very tastefully done, giving ample privacy and sunlight. There was a very warm and cosy feeling at the cottage that I really liked. They have taken quite a bit of effort to make the place unintrusive, eco-friendly. You find an occasional noise-free, pollution-free battery operated buggy carrying luggage or people around the huge campus.

Lazing at a hammock.

The cottage opened into a private pool! Apart from the common swimming pool, some of the cottages had a private swimming pool.

The water in the private pool looked even more inviting at night, with the lamps on.

On the banks of overflowing Cauvery river, nearby.

A certain somebody was missed. Blame the weather. Blame the rain. Blame the cosy cottage.

Argentina vs. Germany

1 07 2006

The first football match I seriously watched ever. And the large screen at Max Mueller bhavan just adds to the rising blood pressure. After a few mild heart attacks and a sore throat, Germany won to my dismay. (We were supporting Argentina. And now I know why the guys in office these days wear tshirts with MESSI written on them. :P)


1 07 2006

Ashutosh Gowariker

Javed Akhtar

A R Rehman.

Sheer magic. What else. “Pal pal hai bhari woh bipda hai aayi” is my favourite. It is a simple and beautiful Ramleela song that praises the lord Ram, but unlike a typical bhajan it has a very unique feel to it. Actually sometimes I even like the rhythmic feeling and repetetive characteristic of some bhajans. This song from Swadesn is picturized on the adorable character of postman played by Rajesh Vivek and on Gayatri Joshi.

Out came my tabla pair, with a little tuning here a little thak-thak there, managed to give a slightly better than atrocious taal to M while she did perfect justice to it.