House hunting

7 06 2006

I have a budget of Rs. X for the monthly rent of a house. I am mentally prepared for 5% more than X, if the house is extra nice.

In one of those crazy house hunting trips, after a series of crappy, crammed houses that fit nicely into your budget, the broker shows you a bright and happy looking white house. With spacious rooms, three balconies, an airy kitchen with a cute little window and one of the bedrooms has a french window that opens into a king sized balcony. I am imagining the colour of the curtains and hubby is talking of romantic corners. The rent is almost double my budget and the worst part is we are considering it! Although for that amount, the house is a steal.

Will we let go of our hard earned money for the beautiful moments that the house promises? Or will we be practical and save that money instead?

Hmm.. I hope someone doesnt grab that house before we make up our minds.




One response

9 06 2006

go for the house !!!! sounds great .. three balconies ! wow …
plus u never know when u need more space 🙂

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