Unsubscribing from Desipundit

20 06 2006

I use Google reader to keep track of updates on my daily reading list that mainly consists of blogs and comics. I have also subscribed to sites like Desipundit – a website dedicated to summarizing good posts on a variety of topics from the Indian blogosphere. And I have to say that they are doing a fairly good job of it. I have come across some amazing articles and blogs, thanks to Desipundit. The problem is that I have a large reading list too. Of my favourite blogs that I read regularly. What happens is in the morning, when I open my sweet little Google reader, almost always it is flooded with unread posts from Desipundit. Considering they cover a huge base of Indian bloggers and that they have multiple contributors working round the clock, the high volume of posts is normal. So, I read one post on Desipundit and one more and then I get impatient about what my friends have written said on their blogs. So I go on a clicking frenzy marking Desipundit posts as read so I can peacefully look at only my personal favourite blogs. A lot of posts on Desipundit are published multiple times, making it even more difficult to dig through the clogged reading list. And these days the first post I see is a Tamil one! I mean except for people Tamil Nadu, desis from the rest of India can not read Tamil! I really wish Google reader had a utility where you could just ask it to mark all posts from a certain website as read. I came back from a long vacation and I have a zillion posts waiting to be read, 95% from Desipundit. Anyway, Desipundit stands unsubscribed from my reading list now. Even after unsubscribing, I had to manually go and mark the older posts as read.

As of now, my plan is to visit Desipundit once in a while to get the general picture. I hope I dont miss out on the good stuff they post once in a while.


Yo bike

14 06 2006

This time, Amdavad looks much less polluted than it was a couple of years back. Most of the autos are now CNG. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has acquired a fresh fleet of CNG buses for public transportation. The saplings that were planted in the road dividers have grown into small trees. I rode on the Astodia-Raipur stretch at around 7 pm without pollution tears in my eyes.

Papa showed me this bike on a street, being ridden by a 18-20 year old. A battery operated bike called Yo bike developed by Electrotherm. It is a cute little bike for a single rider and child. Once the battery is charged, the bike can run for about 50-60 kms. Due to the 25 km/hr cap on the speed, it can be used only for short distance city riding. This eco-friendly no-fuss vehicle comes at a reasonable price of around 15,000. The best part is that it doesn’t require any RTO registration, license and is completely noise-free! Whats more, there are around five-six models to choose from.

I’m quite impressed by Yo bike. Will be going for a test ride soon.

Edited to add: Electrotherm, the manufacturer of Yo Bykes now has a website here. Also, I in no way represent Yo Bykes or Electrotherm. So please look for more information on their website.

Amdavad calling

9 06 2006

Lots of mangoes and even more heat, a nap on mummy's lap and a little bitching, lambu-tingu ki paanipuri and shopping at Dhalgarwaad, rides on scooty and the kankaria ghoda-gaadi, the air-cooled afternoons and cool nights on the terrace. Yes, I am finally going home after six full months. 🙂

By the way, we took that house. And it has one french window and one balcony not three, I got a little carried away in the last post. 😛

House hunting

7 06 2006

I have a budget of Rs. X for the monthly rent of a house. I am mentally prepared for 5% more than X, if the house is extra nice.

In one of those crazy house hunting trips, after a series of crappy, crammed houses that fit nicely into your budget, the broker shows you a bright and happy looking white house. With spacious rooms, three balconies, an airy kitchen with a cute little window and one of the bedrooms has a french window that opens into a king sized balcony. I am imagining the colour of the curtains and hubby is talking of romantic corners. The rent is almost double my budget and the worst part is we are considering it! Although for that amount, the house is a steal.

Will we let go of our hard earned money for the beautiful moments that the house promises? Or will we be practical and save that money instead?

Hmm.. I hope someone doesnt grab that house before we make up our minds.