Brain drain

26 05 2006

46. Fourty-six frigging passwords! Office logins, office email, personal email, ftp site, intranet, ATM pins, internet banking, online trading, airline miles.. blahhh..

No wonder my brain threw a core dump that day. A bus ticket to be bought, hardly 50 bucks in the purse, two large bags in each hand, an hour for the bus to go and 30 sweaty minutes in the ATM queue. After ALL that with the card in my hand and the money spewing machine in front of me, I forget my pin. Totally blanked out.

Now, with that password count of 46 I feel a little better. Anyway, almonds are great for the brain I heard. Some almond fudge icecream would be good (for the brain) I guess.

Almond fudge icecream Ben and Jerry's




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