Family weekend

16 05 2006

My family was visiting last weekend. We were running short of ideas to keep everybody interested and busy. It is tricky, to keep a bunch of people including restless 10-12 year olds and senior citizens, entertained and happy at the same time. Bangalore, unlike aamchi Mumbai does not have too many options for family outings. Thankfully, Sam and the kids had pretty much chalked out the plan. All in all, it turned out better than I thought. Everyone liked …

The flops were trips to Forum and Big Bazaar. The idea was to give a taste of the mall culture, but on a Saturday it is just total madness at Forum. Even worse at Big Bazaar. We ended up spending a lot of both money and time waiting in really long queues to pay for the unnecessary stuff we bought. More than anything else, you end up feeling like a tiny worm when you go at these malls. The ladies wanted to go to Chickpet to buy some good quality cotton sarees, but none of us had been there and we were short of time so saree shopping was ditched.

Oh and apart from a rocking weekend with great company, I got a cute tshirt as a surprise gift! 🙂




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16 05 2006

Very Good

18 05 2006

nice log u hv here

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